Great Liberty Safes and Liberty Gun Safes


Liberty Safe is one of the most established providers of gun safes, home safes, and fire safes in the United States. Liberty safes are highly acclaimed because they provide the highest level of protection for households and business organizations. The name itself is considered the symbol of safety because each and every Liberty safe is made perfectly to provide superior protection against theft, fire, burglary, and other threats. Let's look at Liberty Safes and its line of safes.
History of Liberty Safe
The company Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc was founded in 1988 by an engineer named Jay Crosby. In the early days, Liberty began operating in three storage units, producing six safes a day. In less than a year, the company moved to Provo, Utah, occupying a 25,000 square foot facility. In 1994, a 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility was constructed in Springville, Utah, which also housed the headquarters. At this point, Liberty Safe had become the best-selling safe company in America. To meet increasing demand, another 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility was opened in Provo, Utah, in 1995.

Jay Crosby sold Liberty Safe to a private-equity investor of Cleveland, Ohio in 1995. In 1997, the company took over National Security Safe Company which was one of Liberty's leading competitors. Liberty started its fourth distribution centre in 1998 in Dallas Texas and the company continued to grow, launching a number of new products into the market. Today, Liberty Safe has a line of 22 different safe models. It has more than 350 dealers across the United States.
Features of Liberty safes
Liberty Safe has acquired patent for the locking system and it's one of the first companies to introduce the four-in-one Flex™ storage system. In 2007, Liberty launched the BTU fire rating system, establishing a standard for testing fire-proof safes by the American Society for Testing and Materials. In 2008, the accessory door panel with locks was introduced. The various models of Liberty gun safes are equipped with many security features.
Fatboy & Fatboy Jr.
The Fatboy is a legendary Liberty gun safe. True to its name, it can hold 64 guns at one time! The Fatboy offers fire protection rating of 1 hour at 1200°F. One of the best-selling gun safes in the United States, its other features include the electric outlet kit, motion sensor LED lights, and D-Drive E-Lock system. It has a 3-spoke handle and gray marble glass finish in the interiors. Steel plates are provided to prevent drill attacks and it has been classified under UL™ Residential Security Container. To accommodate people who may not own so many guns, Fatboy Jr is also available. It's simply a smaller version of Fatboy model and it can store up to 48 guns.
The Centurion provides 62,000 BTUs with 30 minutes at 1200°F. The bolt system is defined as cam-drive mechanism with slip clutch handle. The burglary classification of the UL Residential Security Container has been awarded to models 17CF and above. Depending on the model, the Centurion line of Liberty gun safe can hold from 20 to 30 guns. The safe provides extra space called Double Sportsman rack for the option to store more guns.
The Colonial has 80,000 BTUs and protection for 45 minutes at 1200°F. This Liberty safe is strengthened by triple case hardened steel plates so it's safe from drill attack. The lock bolts are on the three sides of the door, providing superior defensive barrier. The safe is durable and available in a number of colors. The handles are made of black chrome or brass. The interior of the safe has upholstered three-in-one Flex which is available in mocha or gray fabric. The Colonial 23 can hold up to 25 long guns and the Colonial 30 can hold up to 30 long guns.
The Franklin provides better security against drilling and cutting. This Liberty safe provides fire protection of 1 hour at 1200°F with 83,000 BTUs fire rating. It can hold 41 long guns at one time. The burglary classification of the UL™ Residential Security Container has been awarded to the Franklin line. The safes come many colors including the marble Gloss finishes which have been extremely popular with buyers. The handle is 3-spoke plated brass, black chrome or chrome. The Franklin is available in four sizes to meet different needs.
The Lincoln is the highest rated safe in the United States. Some of its features include 90 minute fire rating, jewelry drawer, premium accessory door panel, automatic light system, and moisture reducer. In terms of security, the Lincoln has ball bearing hard plate, 4-sided bolt coverage, 5-Spoke SURETIGHT handle, and more secure door bolts. The Lincoln is available in three sizes and many colors.
Liberty Safe's Presidential safes provide maximum fire protection of 2.5 hours. Some of the features of the Presidential include the beveled edge, 5-spoke ship wheel handle, and leatherette welt cord trim. This Liberty safe also has the thickest steel body, larger locking bolts, more locking bolts, and thicker inner steel door plates in comparison to other lines. The Presidential comes in three sizes and many colors.

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