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Chubb Safes manufactures superior safes with electronic, digital and manual security systems. In addition to durability, a Chubb safe offers the best fire resistance and protection against burglaries. Another plus is the fact that Chubb makes some of the most affordable safes in comparison to other safes available on the market. Chubb provide safes to suit the budget and safety requirement of the buyer. The doors are designed to prevent such burglary methods including high-speed cutting, manipulation, force, use of tools, and oxyacetylene cuttings. Let's look at the Chubb safes in more detail.
History of Chubb Safes
Chubb Safes have been in the business of security safes for almost 200 years. In 1818, Charles Chubb invented the detector lock and started the factory at Wolverhampton in the U.K. In those days, the company provided safes for banking and financial organizations. Later, burglary resistant safes were designed and produced. A subsidiary of the company was started in 1835. The famous time lock was designed in 1870. In 1900, the company operated in London and Wolverhampton. Later, a number of modifications were made to the original security based products. In 1948, the Chubb equity was offered to the public.
Chubb Safes Options
Many different types of safes are provided by Chubb.

  • Burglary resistant safes provide high security to cash and valuables. This Chubb safe is considered to be the safest options for families and households.
  • Fire resistant safes are equipped with features to provide safety against fire.
  • Cupboards help to secure documents and bulky products.
  • Key safes are specifically designed for securing keys.

Some of the popular models from Chubb are Cobra, Europa Range, 3000 series, electronic home safe, Electronic Apartment & Condominium Safes, floor safes, under-floor safes, and small and light weight safes for home and businesses.
Cobra is suitable for small businesses such as restaurants and stores. It helps to secure cash, valuables and documents. The Cobra has three wheel combinations for lock as well as optical digital locking system. It provides protection against fire for 30 minutes.
Europa Range
These Chubb safes are designed for modern business needs. Available in four models, they are suitable for various business requirements. They come with effective locking and alarm provision to provide complete security up to grade III and IV. The Europa Range is widely used in banks. These safes are very easy to install.
3000 Series
The 3000 Series safes are designed for households and small businesses. A higher range of safes, they are superior to other models due to the presence of advanced structure and fittings options. These Chubb safes come in six sizes, providing a high level of security against burglary and fire. They are fitted with UL 3 wheel lock and 6 lever key lock. Highly durable, they have a scratch resistant body.
Electronic Home Safe
The Electronic Home Safe provides limited protection to cash and valuables. It's suitable for domestic and some business needs. This Chubb safe provides 90 minutes protection against fire. Equipped with a digitally controlled lock system, its keypad comes with Light Emitting Diode and it automatically locks up after three unsuccessful unlock attempts. Additional security is provided with deadbolts. One of the features of the safe is that it can be anchored to a secure base for additional safety.
Electronic Apartment & Condominium Safes
These safes are specially designed for apartments and condominiums. They can be installed in limited space area. They provide protection against fire for 30 minutes and a LED screen is provided to display the functioning of the user. A 30 minute lockout is activated after three unsuccessful attempts to unlock the safe.
The Sentry Series
These Chubb safes are lightweight safes designed for homes and small businesses. They provide adequate amounts of space for storage. The Sentry Series safes have concealed hinges and electronic lock features along with the 6 level override key lock system. These safes are made of steel and they are available in black color.

Chubb safes are recognized as some of the highest quality safes in the world. This is why they are preferred by many safe buyers around the world. There are a number of options provided to select from the range of security option for safes and the buyer can opt to get a customized product from the company. For security features, buyers can opt for finger print, digital locks, dial locks, and timer controlled locks. If you compare the prices of Chubb safes with models of other brands in the same range, you will find that Chubb offers the best features at the best prices.

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