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Cannon Safes is a leading manufacturer of top quality safes. The company offers a good range of gun safes and a full line of other of safes, including home safes, office safes, wall safes, and more.
Cannon Safes
Established more than 45 years ago, Cannon Safes has been providing high quality safes and continues to grow. The company has been a pioneer in the production methods and product design. Through the toughest times, the company has stood by its motto, "Nothing Protects Like A Cannon". In addition to the best products and warranty, Cannon also offers unparalleled expertise in the production process with a highly experienced work force.
Gun Safes
Cannon gun safes are some of the most admired gun safes on the market. The series of gun safes in the Cannon family include the Traditional Series, Patriot Series, HR Series, Cannon Series, and Safari Series. All the models in these series have different specifications, dimensions, colors, and options to meet all the needs of the customers.
Traditional Series
The Traditional Series offers fire protection of 90 minutes at 1200°F. The doors have active locking bolts and a deluxe five-spoke handle. Some of the other features of this Cannon gun safe include double-steel reinforced door frame, two and a quarter inch thick double-steel composite door, high security Type-1 electronic lock, surefire multiple re-lockers, unibody construction, multi-step paint process, heavy 10-gauge, and luxurious interior. The safe is available in eight attractive colors. Options include electric humidifier and door-panel pistol kit.
Patriot Series
The Patriot Series offers fire protection for 30 minutes at 1200°F. It has a high security door and unibody construction. Some of the other features of this Cannon safe are surefire multiple re-lockers, one inch thick steel composite door, one inch active-locking bolts, high security Type-1 electronic lock, truelock internal hinges, and 3-spoke handle. Other options are electric dehumidifier and door panel pistol kit.
HR Series
There are two models in the Cannon HR Series, the HR6030 and the HR6040. These beautiful Cannon gun safes provide fire protection for 60 minutes at 1200°F. Weighing 600 lbs., the HR6030 can hold up to 22 guns. The HR6040 weighs 700 lbs. with the capacity to hold up to 36 guns. The HR Series models are built with the same high standards of other Cannon safes. They are available in 8 beautiful colors.
Cannon Series
The Cannon Series offers fire protection for 60 minutes at 1200°F. There are four models in the series, varying in weight, dimension, gun capacity, and number of shelves. The smallest model in this series of Cannon safes is the C18 with capacity for 24 guns and the biggest model is the C35 with capacity to hold 28 guns. The Cannon Series has a door thickness of one and a half inches. Built with the same level of excellence as safes in other series, the Cannon Series is available in eight colors. It has a beveled edge unibody construction, three-spoke handle, one-inch active-locking bolts, surefire multiple re-lockers, and many options.
Safari Series
The Safari Series provide fire protection for 90 minutes at 1200°F. There are four models in the Safari Series and another four models in the Safari Serengeti Series. The smallest model Safari Serengeti S6026 weighs 520 lbs. and it has the capacity to hold 14 guns. The biggest model Safari DG7250 weighs 1675 lbs. and it has the capacity to hold 36 guns. The Cannon gun safes in the Safari Series have doors that are two and a quarter inches with 5-spoke handles. The Safari Serengeti Series models have one and a half inch think doors with 3-spoke handles. All these safes are available in attractive eight colors and various other options.
Home Safes
Other than gun safes, Cannon also manufactures durable high quality home safes. The Home Series H4 Cannon safes provides fire protection for 75 minutes at 1200°F. The features of these home safes are one inch double steel composite door, surefire multiple re-lockers, one-inch active-locking bolts, unibody construction, heavy 12-gauge, and truelock internal hinges. Available only in black, the H4 is just right for home and office use.

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