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In today's ever more volatile financial market and with recent bank closings, many have turned to using safe boxes for keeping their cash and valuables. Individuals and businesses that want their money kept secure use money safes. Safes come in various styles and sizes. Some are easy to transport while others are stable fixtures within a home or business. Cash safe boxes may even have features by which money can be deposited without having to actually open the safe.

In business, cash safe boxes are common due to the constant movement of funds both in and out of their establishments. While some prefer a simple lock box that can be transported from business to bank, others like something more permanent. If a business wants to make sure funds left in a store are safe overnight, they may choose an underground option. The only parts of such a safe that are visible are the door and it is usually flush with the floor. That allows them to be easily hidden under a rug, desk or put in an inconspicuous space. There is also the option of having a depository slit in the top. Money can go in, but no one can get in. Hotel safes are also quite popular in rooms.

A home money safe box is always a good idea. There are models to suit every need. Very small boxes are great for keeping coin collections or small collectables and if you have the need to store great amounts of cash or jewelry, there are very large safe boxes. Options include: shelf style models with inner shelves, wall safes, depositary safes, and furniture safes. Furniture style safes look like a file cabinet or side tables and they come in elegant wood grains. Every shape imaginable is available, so that they can be placed just about anywhere.

It is not a bad idea to go the extra step and make sure that your money safe is fireproof. While most large safes come with this feature, smaller ones may not. Fire resistant is not the same as fireproof, so keep that in mind when looking at different models. In case of a fire, you want your valuables and cash protected. Also, consider where you place your safe. You do not want it in a conspicuous area for all to view, but you also want to make sure that it is accessible. Experts in robbery recommend even a heavy floor model or shelf model safe be secured with bolts so as not to be dragged off in a robbery. Anything you can do to deter a robber is worth your while. This is especially a good idea for those who want to put a safe in a vehicle, whether for business or domestic use. In a vehicle, you don't want your box easily carried away by another.

Consider your needs, what will have to fit into this safe? Will you need to transport it regularly and where will it have to fit into your existing structure? Make sure your safe is sturdy enough for what it will be used for. Another decision to make is whether you want a box that uses a key, dial combination lock, electronic sequence locking mechanism or a removable lock. Each has its own benefit. Occasionally there are electrical outages, will this affect access to your money? Sometimes there is a need to have the safe unlocked for longer periods of time when others may need access. In order to not share a combination with others you might choose a removable lock. Different locking systems may be more suitable for certain locations as well. For instance, if you want a wall mounted money safe, you would not want anything that protrudes from the wall.

Spend some time reviewing your options and getting educated online. Take notes on your needs and measurements of the area the safe will be located. Once you know your needs you will be ready to move forward confident in your decisions.

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