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Browning provides high security safes with a robust outlook. These safes offer adequate space for storage of long guns and rifles. Browning gun safes come with the patented DPX Storage System which ensures safe interiors to long guns, rifles, and shotguns. The safes are available in different sizes and they are priced to suit the requirements of the customer. The Browning Medallion 55-Gun safe has uniforce lock and it's priced around $4000 while the Browning TheftGard TG15 Sheriff Gun safe is priced at around $900.
The company was founded in 1927 by John Moses Browning who was a firearms designer. An avid collector of firearms, he started designing gun safes to provide secure protection for his firearms. In 1880, he started his arms factory. In 1882, he filed patent for lever-action, tubular magazine rifle, and exposed hammer. In 1977, 90 percent of the company was sold to Fabrique Nationale de Herstal and Miroku. In 2005, the company celebrated the 150th birthday of the founder of the company and introduced a series of products in his memory. Over the years, Browning gun safes have improved design, technology, and safety to suit the changing requirements of customers.
Browning Gun Safes
A Browning gun safe is both a piece of art and luxury. While it's admired for its attractive appearance and top quality workmanship, it offers great value for its price. The customer can choose from a variety of colors and designs. Some of the famous Browning gun safes include: the Theftgard TG41F Judge Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Bronze Series BR24F 24 Cubic Feet Gun Safe with Combination Lock, Theftgard TG15F Sheriff Gun Safe with Combination Lock, Theftgard TG33F Grand Marshal Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Theftgard TG23F Marshal Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Compact 9 Cubic Feet Safe, and Theftgard TG15F Sheriff Gun Safe with Electronic Lock. The models Pro-Steel Platinum Plus, Gold, Medallion, Sterling, Copper, and Bronze Series come with the DPX (Duo-Plus Extra) storage system which provides space to store long guns as well as space for storing smaller items.
ProSteel Gun Safes
The latest gun safes introduced by Browning are the ProSteel gun safes which are specifically designed to provide safety to heavy firearms. This Browning safe has a beautiful appearance embedded with heavy-duty hinges, game scenes, scroll designs, and gold-plated spokes. Browning ProSteel safes provide uniforce locking system, fire insulation with high fire rating times, safe hinges, fire resistant door, and a redesigned door frame to provide insulation against fire. The ProSteel Gun Safe is powered with cam locking systems and innovative design against burglary and fire attack. The body of the safe has multiple layers of fire resistant insulation and high density material which seals the doors and sides of the safe.
Tactical Safe Models
This series was launched in 2009. These Browning safes are designed for short rifles. The Tactical was launched in two series, namely, Tactical Series Mark I and Mark II. Both the series offer two different choices, depending on the size of fire arms. It has a number of features such as: Pry-Stop End Bolts, integrated door frame, tight tolerance door fit, throw locking bolts, and force deflector locking mechanism. The main difference between Mark I and Mark II is the extra rack provided in Mark II on the side of the gun safe. The Tactical Safe models provide fire safety for 60 min at 1200°F. The price varies from $2000 to $3000.
Platinum Plus Series
The Platinum Plus Series models have high quality steel body. One special feature of this Browning safe is the Grade IV interiors system which comes with mirrors at the back, and cedar on the ceiling and sides. The safe provides DPX Storage System and Swivel DPX Barrel Loops which are specially designed for storing long guns.
Gold Series G65F
The Gold Series G65F models provide space for the storage of 66 long guns. They come with interior mirrors and lights. These Browning safes are available in five colors. They also provide additional space for storing small guns such as handguns and other items.
TheftGard Safes
These models of Browning gun safes are specifically designed to provide security against fire for 30 minutes at 1200°F. The U channel steel door and the heavily built body provide absolute protection against theft or burglary. The heavy-duty hinges are set at 180 degree so they are not easy to move. TheftGard safes are very handsome, which make them highly desirable in the gun safe market.

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