About GunHoo

What is GunHoo
GunHoo: Gun Pages Central is a continuation of the effort started on The Gun Page to build an index of firearms related links. It started as a list of less than 50 links (this was years ago – when the web was still young). As the list grew and the job of editing it by hand became bigger and bigger – an automated procedure was started. Eventually this grew into the system used today. There are hundreds (1000+) URLs in the database that are used to generate the alphabetical and categorical files on GunHoo.

Currently our website is handled by Chuck Johnson with help from Allison Greene.
Are there ever any broken links?
There will always be broken links. Looking at our access logs – we have an international audience surfing our pages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know our server or internet connection can be down occasionally (sometimes due to a router in a far away city owned by somebody else) – so with the hundreds of links on GunHoo – there is probably a link right now that is unaccessible. To minimize broken links – an automated process generates a report, that is then double checked before links are removed from our master list. This process takes hours of computer/connect time – attempting to check ALL the URLs that go onto the GunHoo pages. You can help:

  • If you notice your favorite site has disappeared – feel free to use the feedback form to let us know about it.
  • If you own a site that is moving – notify us via email, or the feedback form.

Advertising on GunHoo
You may have noticed the advertising banner on some of the GunHoo pages. These banner spaces are available to advertisers directly. Rotation on pages in a specific category – or across all pages – is available. In general GunHoo gets about 8-10k hits per day – depending on what you want to call a hit. These hits are generated from IP addresses from around the world. See our Stats that are updated daily.
How the search software works
The search feature is fairly basic. It looks at the titles and descriptions in the GunHoo database and looks for a simple match. It returns each of these entries. Does this meet your needs? If you have suggestions on how to improve this service use the feedback form.
Technical details on the operation of GunHoo
As described in What is GunHoo – an automated system is used to generate all the pages on GunHoo. The system is constantly evolving. Custom scripts are written in PERL.

  • Equipment
    • Where the output is generated:
      • Originally ran on a Sun Sparcstation
      • Currently runs on a Pentium box under Windows 95.
      • Takes much longer to upload the files (about 680k @28.8k) than run the script!
    • The GunsGunsGuns Server:
      • Virtually hosted on a server at OsageDigital
      • linux box running apache web server